Who We Are

JAM is the final stop for commercial properties and residential buildings for plumbing, heating, and fire suppression needs; we provide exceptional quality, treat every customer like family, and leverage technology to make our clients lives easier.


JAM Service is a private family owned and operated company founded in 1992. Two brothers sought to build JAM to serve the city they grew up in using the values handed down to them from their father, which have now been passed down to the second generation. These values and lessons are referred to as the “JAM Way” and are of the utmost importance to our team. Our success with servicing the New York Metropolitan area has been a result of this philosophy and our top tier service. We look forward to giving you peace of mind.

Core Values


Persistent, hard working, we go the extra mile. We are never the lazy contractor on the job, we don’t waste time at a job site. We value and respect time, thus we do not waste it.


This is what we are about from day 1. We put our services first and sales are just the result. We do not half-ass ANYTHING. We either go hard or not at all.


We provide the guidance and support needed. Clients can get on the phone with management and know the owners are hands on. We lead by example. We build trust with both our employees and our clients. We are in this together.


If you screw up, own it – let’s find a way to make it right. We are not here to make excuses or play the blame game. We are here to do the job & do it right. We take ownership. We tackle the problem and not our co-workers.


We do not sweep anything under the rug. We are honest in all situations. If we make a mistake we own it.


You can call us at anytime with an emergency and we will be there. We create trust by being consistent in our quality and knowledge. We aren’t going to lie to you just to get what we want or to make you feel better. We show appreciation for our clients. We have both our clients and employees backs. Values are passed down through the top.

Immutable Laws

Give respect and you will receive respect

We treat everyone with respect, and we value relationships above all else.

We love challenges

There is no job too big or small- we will make it happen. Challenges are like our oxygen; we live for them.

No Jerks Allowed

Being a jerk is unacceptable. We won’t hire, buy from, or do business with jerks. Life is too short to deal with jerks.


In an ever-changing world, JAM is dedicated to remaining a consistent and reliable company. We are loyal to our clients and employees and nothing will change that.

Keep your promise

We do not make promises we cannot keep. We pride ourselves on delivering the services we promised.


Technology driven innovation has changed the world. We recognize these changes and continue to invest in technology in order to gain the capability to enhance our service to our clients.

There will be cursing

Enough said.

JAM is the reliable solution you need for any sized project, at any stage level.

To get started:


Tackling Your Biggest Headaches

Do you dread an overall project with issues including time restraints, safety need and local codes to adhere to? From big headaches to small annoyances JAM covers them all with just one call to our office to take your information and match you with one of our experienced supervisors. We offer 24/7 service so that you can get the sleep you need and relieve the stress of building issues. Remember, call JAM to get you out of the JAM.

Problem Solved

Let JAM help you where you need it the most! After we have conducted a thorough on-site assessment, JAM will get to work putting together a proposal specialized just for your project or problem. Our services include everything from designing to installation and beyond with scheduled maintenance and testing or repairs if needed. We partner with you from the start to the finish, providing you on time arrivals and high-quality standards. Let JAM exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget.


Best Decision Ever

If you are still debating and unsure about JAM services, even though we know our work is superior, hear it from someone else. We have a lengthy list of clients in the JAM family that can ease your mind and assure you that switching to JAM was the best decision they ever made. Call us today to get started, learn more, or stop worrying about reoccurring problems and project delays. JAM is ready to manage your Plumbing, Heating and Fire Protection today.