Residential Plumbing

Building a home from the ground up is an experience. You need professionals that you can trust and turn to for information and guidance. You may wonder how and when you pick the plumber in the building process. Often, and for various reasons, your contractor will automatically decide which plumber will be used to plumb your home. However, you should be aware, it is ultimately your choice.

“If quality and service are important to you, remember it’s your house, choose JAM Service Company.”

JAM Service Company can help you with your plumbing needs through every stage of the building experience. Beginning with the design stage of your home through complete kitchen and bath installations. We have the expertise to draw out an integrated pipe run that benefits you most in your new home, including gas runs, all the way through assisting you in selection of sinks, toilets, baths, showers, to complete kitchen or bath ensembles.


Each home is unique and JAM Service treats your home like it’s one of a kind.

JAM Service Company puts together a FREE, professional proposal using prices of product choices based on general information we get from either the builder or the homeowner.

After the proposal is accepted, homeowners should schedule an appointment for a personal consultation with their plumbing supplier. JAM Service Company can recommend plumbing vendors that can assist in helping choose the products you want for your new home. Typically, during your consultation, the homeowner is given the opportunity to review their customized plumbing order.

“Over the years, our experience and familiarity with properties and facilities has increased customer requests for our repair and maintenance services.”

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